American Roulette at Casino Munkebjerg

At Casino Munkebjerg we have four intense tables for American Roulette where you can test your skills.

A game with plenty of action and excitement

American Roulette is developed from the original French Roulette and the American version of the game is characterized by a significantly faster pace of play – so it is the ideal game if you are more action-minded than hesitant.

The basic rules, wagers and payouts are the same as French Roulette but the American Roulette tables are much smaller and operated by only one croupier.

American Roulette

Roulette is a casino game named after a French word that means “small wheel”. The game is about predicting the outcome and placing your bet where you think the ball will end after the croupier has turned the wheel. The ball travels around the wheel until it eventually falls into one of the 37 (French version) or 38 (American version) colored and numbered holes. The numbers alternate between black and red – 18 of each – and either one or two green holes, depending on the version.

The players make their bets on either “red”, “black”, “even”, “uneven” or one of the specific numbers. If the ball lands where they predict, payouts are made after every separate bet.